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Oshkosh Safety Council

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Click Link’s Below for Past Years’ Presentations


· 1/21/09—OSHA update presentation.


· 2/17/09—Local Emergency Planning Committee presentation.  Click here for an Information Guide to EPCRA.  Click here for Appendix A to 40 CFR Part 355—List of Extremely Hazardous Substances & Their Threshold Planning Quantities.


· 3/17/09—Pandemic Flu update presentation.


· 10/20/09—Fire extinguisher & workplace fire safety presentation.


· 2/16/10—OSHA 2010 update presentation.


· 3/16/10—Indoor Air Quality & Occupant Concerns presentation.


· 9/21/10—Cut Resistant Gloves presentation and handouts.


· 1/18/11—Lock Out/Tag Out presentation.


· 5/10/11—Loading Dock Safety presentation.


· 9/20/11— FMCSA update presentation .


·  2/21/12— OSHA 2012 update presentation.


· 10/16/12— GHS presentation.


· 1/15/13— OSHA 2013 update presentation.


· 4/16/13 - Combustible Dust Safety presentation.


· 5/21/13—Severe Weather Safety & Preparedness presentation.


· 1/21/14—Job Safety Analysis Presentation and samples 1, 2 and 3.


· 5/20/14—Carpal Tunnel & Shoulder Injury Prevention handout.


·   11/18/14—How to Conduct an Accident Analysis .


· 1/19/16—Hands On Safety


· 3/15/16—OSHA Update


· 9/20/16—Implementing a Stretching Program


· 10/18/16—How to Positively Impact the Cost of Workers Compensation Premiums


· 1/17/17—”There’s An App For That” list of apps here


· 5/16/17—OSHA Update


· 9/19/17— Electronic Record Keeping/Post Accident Drug Testing


· 11/21/17—Self  OSHA Audit.  Prevent Injuries & Be Ready For OSHA Click here for the OSHA Weekly Job Site Audit, click here for the OSHA Self Audit Checklist and click here for the DOT Self Audit Checklist .


· 4/24/18—Emergency Action Plans